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How to Maintain Wooden Door

1. The importance of humidity and temperature. Good ventilation and soft temperature is important for wooden door, it can avoid deformation and crack of door leaf surface. And good environment is also good for handle and hinge, it won’t rust after long time use.

2. The maintenance of handle and hinge. Try to use dry hands to open and close door to avoid rust, and with soft gesture to keep door with long lifespan.

3. How to wipe the surface stain? We can use damped soft towel to wipe the stain, if the satin is hard to get rid of, we can use some cleanser to wipe it off. wooden door, goldea, wooden furniture

4. We should clean the dust of wooden furniture regularly, this can expand the lifespan of wooden furniture.

5. Please do not put damped towel on the surface of wooden furniture, it will leads to discolor of wooden door surface.

6. Please do not hang over-weight articles or some keen-edged articles on the wooden door in order to avoid deformation and scratch of wooden door. And try to open door softly to protect wooden door.

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