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Is it real that wooden door can make people healthy?

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Wood is old and natural green environmental protection material, small since the toothpicks, chopsticks, big to architecture and interior decoration, furniture, door, floor, stay close to our daily life, work these products.

But people tend to focus on is making the finished product after the practical value of wood, wood, little is known about the health benefits to human health in the 250 million m after years in our country to use wood, so the research of wood is very important for the health benefits to human health.

In the mid-20th century, the United States, Japan and Taiwan have carried out studies on the health and health effects of wood. However, the study of tree species has a narrow range and few practical applications.

So far, little research has been done in our country, and the information is scattered in the literature and materials.

In Indian culture, there are different species of tree, different energy, some trees can help people restore energy, anti-inflammatory and anti-disease, such as oak is refreshing;

Spruce can absorb bad energy;

Pine trees can deliver beneficial energy;

The tree bark can cure toothache, a Russian dictionary wrote: when the foot hurts, place the mountain poplar on the foot;

Put it on your head when you have a headache.

The most important of the material is volatile oil, refined and condensed into "essential oil", because of the aroma, also known as essence, commercial as aromatic oil.

All kinds of hardwood tree wood contain volatile oil.

The mechanism of the volatile oil mixture is made up of a variety of chemical properties of different components, in addition to containing aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and oxygen derivatives, is mainly composed of terpenoids, and in a single terpenoids, sesquiterpenoids and oxygen-containing derivatives.

The content and composition of volatile oil in wood of different tree species are very different, namely the wood of same tree species, also often because the place is different, the growth environment differs somewhat.

Different volatile oil produced in the process of volatile aroma, aroma by people of nasal olfactory nerve and brain connections, again by the limbic system interpret all stimulus information, thus different influence on people's behavior, such as improving mood, mediation of physical strength, enhance memory, resist bacteria, insect attacks such as health care function to human body health.

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