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Why choose wooden door for interior door?

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Wood is the old and natural green materials, wood has the perfect characteristics, can improve the environment of human survival, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, adjust the psychological feeling, can extend the life of mankind, with health, sterilization, deworming, Activation of cells, absorption of ultraviolet light, reduce fatigue and other functions, which is the evolution of long-term evolution given to the most perfect human characteristics, how to play and use of wood characteristics is our most sacred duty!

Health, green, comfortable is the basic desire of people, and wooden door health is the protection of human health and the role of quality improvement.

Wooden door health effects: mainly reflected in the visual, tactile, hearing, smell, regulation and so on.

1. Visual effect

Wooden door texture beautiful, diverse colors, but also effective absorption of harmful ultraviolet rays on the human eye, so that people feel comfortable and healthy.

2. Tactile effect

People and wood contact, the four seasons close to the temperature, people will be open every day door, wood are given a good sense of touch.

3. Auditory effect

Wood is a natural porous material, sound absorption, sound insulation performance is good. Therefore, decorated with wooden materials, residential, small echo, good sound insulation, giving a comfortable sense of comfort. Professional good text, all in the door industry horizon.

4. Olfactory effect

A variety of wood often exudes a special cheerful aroma, known as "Fen more refined", the test, some of these gases can be sterilized, insecticidal, and some can inspire the spirit, and some can calm the nerves, resulting in the human body Healthy health effects.

5. Adjust the efficacy

As the wood has a certain degree of moisture absorption and desiccation performance, so the indoor use of dry wood decoration, if the air humidity is too large, the wood from the air to absorb part of the water, on the contrary, the release of water, which the indoor relative humidity The regulation of the role, giving a more comfortable environment. Professional good text, all in the door industry horizon. According to the determination, in the use of wood built-in residential, the temperature is lower in the summer, in the winter is warmer.

As the wooden living room with many of the above excellent effect, people live in which feel warm, peaceful and comfortable. According to a survey of well-known scholars, the average life expectancy of wooden residential residents is 9 to 11 years higher than that of reinforced concrete residents.

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